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JOOX Music
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15 January 2k23
Android 5.1
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introduction & breif description.

JOOX Music is a popular music streaming and download platform based in China. It was launched in 2015 by Tencent, one of the largest technology companies in China. JOOX offers a wide variety of music from local and international artists, including pop, rock, hip-hop, and classical.

One of the main features of JOOX is its large library of songs. As of 2021, it has over 50 million tracks available for streaming, with new songs being added regularly. This makes it one of the largest music streaming platforms in China, and allows users to discover a wide range of new music.

In addition to streaming, JOOX also allows users to download songs for offline listening. This is particularly useful for users who may not have a stable internet connection, or who want to save on mobile data.

JOOX also has a number of social features that allow users to connect with other music fans. Users can create their own playlists, follow other users and their playlists, and share songs with friends. Additionally, JOOX has a radio feature which allows users to create custom radio stations based on their favorite songs and artists.

Another notable feature of JOOX is its integration with WeChat. WeChat is a popular messaging and social media app in China, and JOOX allows users to share songs and playlists directly from the app to WeChat. This makes it easy for users to share their favorite music with their friends and followers on WeChat.

JOOX also offers a premium service called JOOX VIP, which provides a number of additional features for users. For example, JOOX VIP users can access exclusive content and live performances, as well as ad-free listening. JOOX VIP also provides users with higher-quality audio and allows them to download songs at a higher bitrate.

One of the biggest advantages of JOOX is its localization to the Chinese market. As of 2021, it has a number of localized features that are designed specifically for Chinese users, such as lyrics in Chinese. Additionally, JOOX has partnerships with many Chinese music labels, allowing it to offer a wide range of Chinese-language songs.

JOOX has also made efforts to expand its international presence, and is now available in other countries such as Indonesia, Thailand, and South Africa. JOOX has localized features for other countries as well, like lyrics in local languages. However, the music library is not as extensive as it is in China, and is still relatively small compared to other global music streaming services like Spotify or Apple Music.

In conclusion, JOOX Music is a popular and feature-rich music streaming and download platform based in China. Its large library of songs, social features, and integration with WeChat make it a great choice for music fans in China. Additionally, JOOX’s localization and partnerships with Chinese music labels make it a great choice for discovering new Chinese-language music. While JOOX is also available in other countries, it still has a relatively small library of songs compared to other global music streaming services.

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