PhotoDirector MOD APK (Premium Unlocked) free for android


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30 December 2022
Android 5.1
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Introduction & Brief Description.

PhotoDirector is a comprehensive photo editing and management software developed by CyberLink. It is designed to provide users with a complete set of tools for importing, organizing, and editing their photos and videos, as well as creating slideshows and collages.

One of the standout features of PhotoDirector is its powerful editing capabilities. The software includes a range of basic adjustment tools, such as exposure, contrast, and color balance, as well as more advanced options like curves, HSL, and split toning. These tools allow users to fine-tune the look of their photos and achieve the perfect balance of light and color.

In addition to these adjustment tools, PhotoDirector also offers a selection of filters and effects to enhance the overall look of your photos. These can be applied to individual photos or to a batch of images, making it easy to quickly transform the look of your photos.

One of the key benefits of PhotoDirector is its support for raw files. This allows users to take advantage of the full dynamic range and color depth of their camera’s sensor, giving them greater flexibility when editing their photos. Additionally, the software offers non-destructive editing, meaning that your original photos are always preserved, even after making changes.

PhotoDirector also includes a range of organizational tools to help you keep your photos and videos organized. You can create albums, tag and rate your photos, and use the software’s facial recognition technology to automatically group photos of the same person together. This makes it easy to find and view specific photos, or to create collections of your best shots.

In addition to its editing and organizational features, PhotoDirector also offers a range of tools for creating slideshows and collages. These allow you to combine your photos and videos in creative ways, adding music, text, and other elements to create dynamic visual presentations.

Overall, PhotoDirector is a powerful and comprehensive photo editing and management software that is suitable for both amateur and professional photographers. It offers a wide range of features and tools, and is available for both Windows and Mac. A free trial is available, with various subscription options for full access to all features.

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