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Wrestling Revolution 3D
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06 February 2023
Android 5.1
40 MB

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introduction & brief description 

Wrestling Revolution 3D is a professional wrestling game that allows players to experience the thrill of the ring in a fully-realized 3D environment. Developed by MDickie, the game is widely regarded as one of the best wrestling games available on mobile devices.

Wrestling Revolution 3D offers a deep and immersive wrestling experience, with a wide range of features and game modes to keep players engaged. The game features a career mode, where players can create their own wrestler and work their way up the ranks to become a champion. Players can also compete in tournaments and special events, as well as participate in tag-team and Battle Royal matches.

The gameplay in Wrestling Revolution 3D is fast-paced and intuitive, with easy-to-learn controls that make it easy for players to execute a variety of moves and holds. Players can perform signature moves and finishing moves, as well as engage in high-flying aerial assaults and hardcore brawls. The game’s advanced AI system ensures that each match is unique, with opponents adapting to player’s strategies and styles in real-time.

One of the standout features of Wrestling Revolution 3D is its highly-detailed 3D graphics. The game features a large roster of unique and recognizable characters, each with their own unique look and move set. The game’s environments are also highly-detailed, with interactive elements such as tables, ladders, and chairs that players can use to their advantage in the ring.

In addition to its engaging gameplay and high-quality graphics, Wrestling Revolution 3D is also highly-customizable, with a wide range of options for players to personalize their experience. Players can create and edit their own wrestlers, as well as customize the ring and arena settings to their liking. The game also features a robust modding community, with a wide range of user-created mods available for players to download and use.

Wrestling Revolution 3D is available on a wide range of mobile devices, including Android and iOS devices. The game is free to download, with optional in-app purchases available to unlock additional content and features. With its high-quality graphics, engaging gameplay, and customizable options, Wrestling Revolution 3D is a must-play for any fan of professional wrestling.

In conclusion, Wrestling Revolution 3D is a professional wrestling game that offers players a deep and immersive experience in a fully-realized 3D environment. With its engaging gameplay, high-quality graphics, and customizable options, Wrestling Revolution 3D is a must-play for fans of professional wrestling. Whether you’re a seasoned wrestler or just looking for a fun and challenging gaming experience, Wrestling Revolution 3D is a game that is sure to deliver.

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